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Seattle's Escala Condo Building Set Steamy Scenes for "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Whether it’s scintillating or descent might be a matter of personal opinion, though few can repudiate a implausible hum surrounding a amorous novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Posted online by British author E.L. James as a square of “Twilight” fan fiction, a trilogy of books were picked adult by a tiny publisher out of Australia in 2011. In Mar 2012, Vintage Books of Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group bid a seven-figure sum to benefit rights to a manuscript. Even some-more recently Universal Pictures paid $5 million for filming rights.

Both criminialized and embraced and parodied (here’s Ellen DeGeneres “reading” from a text) for a striking passionate content, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” like a “Twilight” series, is putting Washington state on a map again. But instead of small-town Forks, where “Twilight” is set, “Fifty Shades …” is set in downtown Seattle in a luxury condominium building Escala. It’s in this high-rise penthouse where a submissive-domination passionate attribute between billionaire Christian Grey and naïve college tyro Anastasia Steele takes place.

While author James did take some artistic liberties with her novella — we can’t land a helicopter on a penthouse roof like it was finished in a book, says Escala’s Director of Sales Erik Mehr — he agrees that a Escala is still a best collect for a billionaire impression like Grey.

“If we were going to collect something opulent,” Mehr said, “This would be a building.”

Situated in a downtown Belltown area of Seattle, a Escala is distinct many of a other oppulance condo buildings. It’s all about size, and how well-appointed a place is.

Amenities embody a private spa, a gym with yoga studio, private dining room, full catering kitchen and dining area with room for 140, museum room, dog run: Escala is a small some-more like a five-star hotel than a condo building.

That creates sense, says Mehr. The hotel concierge staff is run by a association that provides services to high-end hotels like a Salish Lodge and Four Seasons.

Needless to say, it’s a condo building with all a billionaire bachelor would want, and a place that many “Fifty Shades” fans are painful to learn about. Mehr pronounced that about a year ago, his group began to get phone calls from people who wanted to know “the layouts of a penthouse and a sum of a condos.” Clearly, something was up. When a Escala hold open houses, visitors enclosed “Fifty Shades … ” fans who wandered about, checking on a amenities and simple building models.

But with 70 percent of a units sold, a building is now usually accessible for tours by appointment. And those who wish to see one of a 5,200-square-foot, entirely customizable and private penthouses are compulsory to be pre-qualified.

While bottom models in a Escala started around $400,000, a penthouse runs between $4 to $6 million. Only one has been purchased, and nonetheless San Francisco Giants’ star pitcher and Seattle local Tim Lincecum lives in a building, he bought a “sub-penthouse” blueprint for about $1.5 million instead.

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