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Jon Condo Honored With Commitment To Excellence Award

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Yesterday a Oakland Raiders showed Raider Nation that notwithstanding a struggles of this deteriorate that they are indeed still committed to excellence. Not usually is that good news for football’s many true fans though it was also a service for prolonged limp extraordinaire Jon Condo.

Prior to Oakland’s 15-0 ownership of a opposition Kansas City Chiefs Condo was presented with a Commitment to Excellence Award. Recent winners embody Nnamdi Asomugha, Justin Fargas (twice) and Rock Cartwright. The endowment is voted on by a players themselves and is given any year to a Raider who best exemplifies what a authorization represents and stands for.

Of march these days you’d have to take a microscope to a diversion fasten in sequence to find anything closely imitative a joining to excellence. Thankfully we saw copiousness of that joining yesterday. Hopefully that continues regardless of a competition going forward.

Before a start of a 2012 deteriorate there were few outward of Raider Nation informed with Condo. Sure, he’s a Pro Bowler and famous as a best in a biz during what he does. It’s usually that we roughly never see highlights or discussions of prolonged snappers on ESPN. The Raiders barbarous detriment on a Monday Night opener this deteriorate not usually put in viewpoint how critical a good prolonged limp is though showed a universe how profitable Condo is once he left that diversion with a concussion and a wheels came off on Oakland’s punting plays.

So congrats to Condo for a honor! It is good deserved for a male that has maximized his talents, worked diligently on his qualification and has turn a best during what he does. What’s some-more committed than that?

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